All events will take place between the 16th -24th September 2017
at: Platform - Oxo Tower Wharf
Bargehouse Street, South Bank
London, SE1 9PH

16th September- TTTTTTREEEEEES!
Talk-3-5 pm Free Entry
Join Nikola Maksimovic from Ecosia, Seb Austin from Trees for Cities and Mathew Frith from the Wildlife Trust to discuss their work and learn why trees are our best allies in fighting air pollution and climate change.

17th September-“Polluted Selfie” by David Colombini
Workshop 2-5pm Free Entry- Drop in
David Colombini will present ‘Polluted Selfie’ his latest project researching air quality. You will learn how to use a pollution sensor and how to make sense of the different pollutant data (CO2, PM, CO, O3) you will be recording with the device.

20th September- Sea Squad - by Liam Geary Baulch
Cheerleading against climate change.
6.30-9pm -Opening night -Performance will start at 6.45pm
‘Cheerleading is the next stage of action on the destruction of the sea and climate change’.

23rd September- The Politics of Ecology in Urban Planning
Talk-3-5 pm Free Entry
Join Katherine Drayson from the GLA, Ande Gregson from GreenLab and Gyorgyi Galik from Future Cities to discuss strategies implemented in urban planning to fight air pollution and climate change.

24th September- Air Pollution as Evolution- Chih Chiu & Ivy Lang
Workshop 2-5 pm Free Entry- Drop in
How does air pollution boost human evolution, social and political reformation, civilisation reinterpretation, and technological innovation?