Favour Bank - Meeting 0
A project initiated by
John Hill in collaboration with Diaspore.
Part of Artlicks Weekend
30th September ~ 2-6 pm ~ Free

Can I ask a favour?
We’re starting a bank. It’s called FavourBank and instead of lending money, it lends help. By joining FavourBank you agree to offer favours, and in return you get to ask for favours when you need them. Unlike other sorts of banks, no one’s keeping track of exactly what you owe. FavourBank works on the principle that if everyone offers to help when they can, there should always be enough in the bank for when it’s needed.

How can I help?
Meeting.0 is the first place for us to start thinking about how FavourBank will work in practice. Through a workshop and a series of activities, as well as some informal conversations over food, we’ll talk about building structures that distribute work and responsibility across a group, and how people can help each other in small and perhaps bigger ways.

So what counts as a favour anyway?
It’s hard to say exactly what counts as one favour, but if there's something you’d be happy to ask from someone you know, then you should be OK asking FavourBank too.
You might need someone to go to the post office for you or help carry something heavy up the stairs. You could need to borrow a drill, or a TV, or a special kind of computer cable for an afternoon. You might need someone to read something or make a phone call in another language. Favours asked for on FavourBank should take a maximum of 1 day of someone’s time (most will probably be much quicker) and shouldn’t cost them any money, so any expenses will need to be covered by the person asking.