Alex Ressel and Kerri Meehan (Superlative TV)

15th April: 12 - 4pm
Consequences : A collaborative filmmaking project.

Spent nuclear fuel has an extremely long half life, plutonium-239 for instance will remain hazardous to living things for hundreds of thousands of years. Underground dumps are being suggested as the long term solution for nuclear waste. These caverns will need to warn future generations about their dangerous contents. There is no universal language, symbols change their meanings over time. The oral tradition of storytelling, as a means of passing on information to successive generations is the longest surviving archive there is.

Groups will work together to make a film or sound work. A story for the future. Using the framework of the surrealist game Consequences, we invite you to make a collaborative film. Consequences is a tool to disrupt everyday logic through unpredictability and chance. We will use it to channel imaginary worlds, test boundaries and listen to our intuition. We are a part of nature so our thinking correlates to natural patterns.

Serendipity is nature’s rhyme.