"Polluted Selfie" by David Colombini
17th September- 2-5pm Free Entry - Drop in


David Colombini will present ‘Polluted Selfie’ his latest project researching air quality. You will learn how to use a pollution sensor (called Sensly developped by Altitude.tech at the Robotic lab of Bristol) and how to make sense of the different pollutant data (CO2, PM, CO, O3) you will be recording with the device.

Together you will be thinking of different applications for this sensor: How can we integrate it in the urban area ? How could we use the data to notify/alert air pollution level in a specific area ? How could we show the benefit of plants and trees in the city by highlighting, comparing and making visual some of these data ? What are the other available sources (organization, government) to inform yourself about air pollution in London ? How can we use "design" as an activist tool to bring idea to a topic such as air pollution ?

David Colombini is a Swiss designer & artist based in Lausanne. He just graduated from the Royal College of Art in Information Experience Design. Link