16th September - 24th September 2017
***Cheerleading by Sea Squad***
20th September- 6.30-9pm
Performance starts at 6.45pm

Friche presents 380:1 an educational installation aiming to raise awareness around air pollution, climate change and deforestation by displaying 380 sapling trees, signifying the number of adults trees required to absorb the CO2 consumption of one person in one year. A recent paper in the journal Atmospheric Environment found that whilst trees absorb pollutants well in open spaces, low hedges are actually more efficient at catching exhaust fumes from cars. With this in mind we have chosen to use hornbeam, Carpinus betulus, a native British tree, and celebrate the versatility of the species’ ability to be grown as a standard or a trained hedge.

During the festival we will present a programme of talks on the politics of Ecology in Urban Planning, tales on London air pollution, performance by cheerleaders against climate change and practical and poetic design workshops to think about devices and strategies to tackle air pollution!

After the festival, the trees will be rehoused in South London by Trees for Cities a charity creating tree programmes around London. This new green space will be an opportunity for its local community to learn and care for trees and improve their lifestyle in the city.

We would like to thank all our supporters, sponsors and participants for the trust they have put in this project. We want to thank Coin Street for inviting us to present this installation, the GLA and Ecosia for supporting the production, Martin Speed for providing transport and everyone who contributed to our Go Fund Me campaign. We would like to thank guest speakers and artists involved for their time and energy and the brilliant work they are conducting.

About our partners

The Greater London Authority, based in Southwark, is responsible for strategic local government across the region and consists of the Mayor of London and the London Assembly. Link

Ecosia is a social business run by a small group of dedicated people. They work together to create tools that empower everyone to end deforestation and fight climate change. By using the ad revenue from their search engine, they’ve planted more than 12 million trees around the world. Learn more at their Link and start planting trees with your searches!

Coin Street Community Builders was set up to make the South Bank area a better place in which to live, to work, and to visit. Link

Over the last two years Martinspeed have instigated and developed the salvaging and recycling of packing materials that are no longer required by their clients or by Martinspeed. This has helped the environment and also their upcycling clients who make good use of the salvaged materials. Link

3Space is a non-profit urban agency focusing on getting more out of buildings by giving them new purpose and making them work for local communities. Founded in 2010, 3Space works with corporates, government and developers to unlock and maximise their otherwise under-utilised or surplus commercial property. Creating short-term affordable creative studio and workspaces for local innovation. Link

Trees for Cities is the only charity working on an international scale to create greener cities. Since 1993, they have engaged over 70,000 people to plant over 600,000 urban trees in parks, streets, schools and housing estates across the UK, as well as internationally, revitalising these areas and improving the lives of the people who live in them. They strengthen communities through volunteering opportunities and inspire children to grow and eat good food and to connect with nature. Link